How Often Do You Clean K & N Filters?

Answer Filters are an important part of any mechanical device. By removing impurities and ensuring that clean ingredients are used in the cars' drive train, the right filters can increase gas mileage, dec... Read More »

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How Often Do You Change AC Filters?

Efficient air filters require monthly replacement and installation. An inefficient air filter may only need replacement and installation every six months. Every house may need an evaluation of the ... Read More »

How Often to Change Fuel Filters in a Dodge Ram?

The fuel system in your Dodge Ram truck is a series of hoses, filters and a pump. Fuel is pumped from the gas tank through a hose and into a fuel filter before entering the combustion chamber. It i... Read More »

How often should Cascadian water filters be backflushed?

Cascadian makes several different models of water filters, but they all must be regularly backflushed to keep up a steady waterflow and help the filter last longer. The company recommends you backf... Read More »

How often should you replace faucet water filters?

Faucet water systems vary, but Brita and PUR--two of the largest manufacturers of such systems--recommends replacing their brand of faucet water filter cartridges every 100 gallons of use. This us... Read More »