How Often Do You Clean K & N Filters?

Answer Filters are an important part of any mechanical device. By removing impurities and ensuring that clean ingredients are used in the cars' drive train, the right filters can increase gas mileage, dec... Read More »

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How do I clean K&N air filters?

Spray on CleanerApply K&N filter cleaner to the front and back of the filter using the spray applicator. Let the cleaner permeate into the filter for about 10 minutes.RinseUse a cold stream of wate... Read More »

How to Clean MX Air Filters With Gas?

Moto-Cross (MX) motorcycles are typically operated off-road under extremely dirty conditions. Airborne dust, combined with moisture from streams or puddles, will easily work its way into the air br... Read More »

How to Clean ATV Air Filters?

Cleaning you ATV's air filter yourself will save you time and money. The air filter helps keep dirt and debris from entering the engine and the carburetor. When the air filter gets dirty, the engin... Read More »

How do I clean hot tub filters?

Shut off the hot tub and locate the filters. They may be visible inside the hot tub or located somewhere in the main water path. Unscrew or lift off the lid and remove the filter from its housing.S... Read More »