How Much of Every Dollar Goes to Taxes?

Answer The percent of every dollar that goes to taxes varies greatly on the person and the specific applicable types of taxes. To begin, determine your income level to discover the amount of your salary t... Read More »

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How much of my paycheck goes to federal taxes?

The percentage of your paycheck that goes to federal taxes may depend on your marital status, disability, expenses, number of children, occupation and other relevant factors. This can range from 10... Read More »

How much money goes to abortion clinics through taxes?

No tax money goes to abortion clinics--at least, not directly, as per the House Energy and Commerce Committee bill, H.R. 3200. However, tax money indirectly funds abortion through tax subsidies for... Read More »

How much money does the United States federal government receive in taxes every year?

On average, the United States Federal government receives approximately $2 trillion in tax revenue every year. According to the Department of Treasury, the majority of the revenue comes from income... Read More »

I am going to give 1 dollar to the cancer kid at my work for every star I get!?

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