How Much Will It Cost to Tile My Livingroom?

Answer A tile floor looks good, is easy to maintain and, with proper installation and care, lasts for many years. However, laying a tile floor is a big job, especially for a large space like a living room... Read More »

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The cost to install a tile floor for 1000 sq ft if the tile is 2.00 a tile?

If the price is $2 a tile it depends on the size of the tile. If the tile is 12 in by 12 in then it would be $2 sq ft. If they tile is 6 in by 6 in it would be $8 a sq ft. If you are installing it ... Read More »

How much does it cost to remove ceramic floor tile Most contractors charge 2 - 2.50 sq ft the surface under the tile would also determine the final price such as concrete plywood vinyl etc?

"It is free if you do it yourself or if you want someone else to do it find a highschool kid to do for $20.00"...... This is a ridiculous answer from someone who is obviously not involved with cons... Read More »

How much does tile and installation cost in a living room of a 1500 sq ft house cost?

Way to many variables to even try to answer with out knowing a few things. Are you asking about vinyl or ceramic tile. What type of sub floor is there now? Wood or slab cement? Both vastly effe... Read More »

Safari Livingroom Ideas?

Themed room decorating didn't die with Elvis. Whether you want to design a living room that reminds you of your lifelong dream of witnessing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, or if you jus... Read More »