How Much Water Does a Seed Need to Germinate?

Answer Seeds need evenly moist soil to germinate. In soggy soils, the seeds become waterlogged and can't receive oxygen. They eventually rot and die. In dry soils, the seed coats remain hard so the seed c... Read More »

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How many days does grass seed need to germinate?

Grass seed can germinate in as quickly as five days or as long as 30 days, depending on the species. For example, ryegrasses germinate in five to 10 days, while Buffalograss and Kentucky bluegrass ... Read More »

Does hulless bird seed germinate?

Hulless bird seed does not germinate, or sprout. Nongerminating seeds, like certain strains of sunflower seeds, create less mess than hulled seeds from other flowering plants. Hulled seeds sometime... Read More »

At what temperature does grass seed germinate?

Depending on the type of grass, the soil should be between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit for germination. According to, "cool season" grass germinates within a minimum... Read More »

How long does it take for a corn seed to germinate?

Corn seeds typically germinate and emerge from the soil within 5 to 30 days of planting, according to the University of Florida Extension. The amount of moisture in the soil and the temperature of ... Read More »