How Much Water Does a Flowering Pear Tree Need?

Answer For pear lovers, there are few moments that surpass pulling a home-grown pear off the tree and biting into it. A healthy, harvested pear is the result of a lengthy list of cultivation practices inc... Read More »

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How much water&shade does a new pear tree need?

Pear trees need full sun to produce fruit. For best results, immerse the tree's roots in water for 30 to 60 minutes prior to planting in well-drained soil. Water it thoroughly after planting and ke... Read More »

How much water does an orange tree need?

Newly planted orange trees need more attention and should be watered every day or every other day if the climate is especially dry. Once your tree has been established after a few months, you can r... Read More »

How much water does a juniper tree need?

At least 100 gallons each week. They are thirsty fast growing trees. They do not like to be dry at all.

How much water does an avocado tree need?

Avocado trees do not need water during the rainy or winter season, unless it is unusually dry. During the spring and summer months, water until the soil around the tree base holds together when squ... Read More »