How Much Trash Does the Average Person Throw Away Every Day?

Answer Every American throws out an average of 4.4 pounds of garbage every day or 1,460 pounds of trash per person per year. All together, Americans produce 195 million tons of trash each year.Source:Publ... Read More »

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What percentage of trash does an average person recycle?

The average person generates about 4.5 lbs. of trash each day and recycles about 24 percent of this trash, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The more material that gets recycled, th... Read More »

How to Throw Away a Trash Can?

There are times when we need to throw away trash cans themselves. But how do we do it? Here's how.

Is it illegal to throw trash in other people's Dumpsters?

Throwing your trash in other people's Dumpsters is considered theft of services, since you are stealing trash disposal services you haven't paid for. If someone is throwing trash in your Dumpsters,... Read More »

If your eye falls out, do you give it to the eye doctors for studies or throw it in the trash?