How Much Space Should You Allow for a 30-Inch Wall Oven?

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How much to allow for an external wall?

3 1/2 inch studs covered with 1/2 inch plywood on the outside and 1/2 inch sheetrock on the inside. House wrap does not take up any space. Which leaves possible use of exterior board insulation... Read More »

How Far Off the Floor Should a Wall Oven Be?

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If muriatic acid seeped under a wall in a garage crawl space and the space was then sealed with Rustoleum paint could it be the source of a terrible odor on inside wall of the house and is it fixable?

Sounds like the muriatic acid didn't have the fresh air needed for it to evaporate. The papers I've read suggest neutralizing it (muriatic acid is a dilution of hydrochloric acid) with a baking sod... Read More »

What should the depth on a 24-ft round above ground 48-inch wall be?

Answer I will assume that you are wanting to know the depth of the water for a 24x48" above ground pool. With the wall being 48" in height, I would usually tell the buyer to subtract 4-6" off of t... Read More »