How Much Should I Get Paid When My Employer Terminates Me?

Answer The Fair Labor Standards Act does not require your employer to give you your last paycheck immediately upon your termination. Many states have final paycheck laws, which dictate the manner in which... Read More »

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What is employer-paid term life insurance?

Employees may be offered a term life insurance policy from their employers. If the company has a term life plan, the coverage is extended to all eligible employees who meet their employer's require... Read More »

Can i deduct my insurance premiums paid to an employer on my taxes?

On One Hand: No You Can'tIn most cases, employee contributions to group health plans are not tax deductible expenses. This is because they are generally bought with pre-tax dollars. In other words,... Read More »

Does employer paid transportation count as earned income for SSI?

No. Employer-paid transportation, such as when an employee goes on a business trip, does not count toward earned income when calculating SSI benefits. The definition of earned income is all the tax... Read More »

Can you collect disability insurance while on maternity leave while being paid by your employer?

The best way to find out is to file a claim with your carrier. Most short term disability policies will pay a benefit for normal delivery. Some will seek confirmation from your employer that you a... Read More »