Why Do the Chinese Put Money in Red Envelopes for the Chinese New Year?

Answer Chinese New Year---also known as the Spring Festival---is the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. Festivities last for 15 days and include many different kinds of celebrating and tradit... Read More »

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Who invented Chinese paper money?

The creation of the Chinese currency is attributed not to a person but to the Szechwan province, where it was first used during the S'ung Dynasty in the ninth century. After people began accepting ... Read More »

Who made Chinese Checkers?

The first Chinese Checkers board game was patented and published by the German company Ravensburger in 1892. The game was originally called Stern-Halma, or Star-Halma in English, to represent the f... Read More »

Who invented ancient Chinese paper money?

According to the Silk Road Foundation, the Tang (618-907 AD) dynasty in China developed the first paper money. Initial currencies appeared about 800 AD. They were called "flying cash" due to their... Read More »

What are ancient Chinese fans made of?

Early Chinese round fans were made using white goose feathers, pheasant feathers or silk. These fans first appeared in China during the 11th century BC Zhou Dynasty.TypesRound fans, or moon fans, w... Read More »