How Much Money Do You Need to Relocate to Another State?

Answer Whether you've been in your home for a short time or a lifetime, relocating to another state is a major endeavor logistically, emotionally and, perhaps most of all, financially. The cost of your mo... Read More »

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Can a person receiving workmen's compensation relocate to another state?

I don't see why not, it's not like we allow slavery anymore and the right to travel freely throughout the US is guaranteed by the constitution. Check with your claims adjuster and see if they have ... Read More »

In Michigan, Can I Get Unemployment Benefits If I Relocate to Another State With My Spouse?

A large majority of states pay unemployment benefits to employees who quit their job to relocate with a transferred spouse, but Michigan only provides these benefits for individuals whose transferr... Read More »

How much money do you need to make to file taxes in the state of Kansas?

Earning any amount of money while claiming residency in Kansas requires that you file taxes there. Your exact tax rate will take into account the total amount earned; however, there is no point at ... Read More »

How much taxes do you pay and in which state if you won on a game show California and live in another state?