How Much Money Can Be Garnished From My Wages?

Answer If you fail to pay a debt, a creditor or debt collector has the right to sue you in court. If the creditor wins, a judgment will be entered against you. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (D... Read More »

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How much of your wages can be garnished?

A wage garnishment is the process by which a creditor can demand that your employer withhold a portion of your earnings every pay period to satisfy a debt. Title III of the Consumer Credit Protecti... Read More »

How much can be garnished from wages in Minnesota?

Acccording to, 75 percent of your disposable earnings or up to 40 times the current minimum wage--whichever is greater--is exempt from garnishment in the state of Minnesota. If you ... Read More »

Criteria for Garnished Wages?

When wages are garnished, it means a lender, a creditor or tax collector has sought repayment by requiring a person's employer to divert some of his earnings toward a debt. State and federal laws g... Read More »

How much of your wages can be garnished in Georgia?

In the state of Georgia, creditors can obtain a court order to garnish your wages. The maximum amount a creditor can take is the lesser of 25 percent of disposable earnings or 30 times minimum hour... Read More »