How Much Light Can a Plant Endure?

Answer When growing plants, the three most important things to remember are water, nutrients (soil, usually) and light. To survive or even thrive, plants need a little bit of water, a little bit of nutrit... Read More »

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How much light does a ficus plant need?

Ficus plants originated in tropical and subtropical climates and are accustomed to heat and sunlight. They grow best in a room with a southern exposure but also do well in bright, filtered light.Re... Read More »

How much light does an inside plant need?

The amount of light any plant needs depends on the species. An indoor plant needs little light, if any, but some indoor plants require more light than others. Read up on the species present in the ... Read More »

Does a plant with 24 hours of light grow faster then a plant with 8 hours of light?

Some plants will grow quicker in 24 hours of light. These are primarily non-flowering plants, such as lettuce. Flowering plants need light and dark to grow properly. All plants should have a dark p... Read More »

Does a plant grow faster under a red light or a green light?

Plants grow best under red or blue light, according to the University of Arizona. Plants reflect green light, hence their green color, making a green light highly ineffective for plant growth and p... Read More »