How Much Is a Patent Worth?

Answer Issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a patent grants the invention property rights to the inventor. According to the most recent information from the Patent and Trademark Office, the ter... Read More »

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How much is a 38 smith-wesson secret service special patent may 22 1917 serial number 19343 worth?

"The United States Secret Service is mandated by statute and executive order to carry out two significant missions: protection and criminal investigations. The Secret Service protects the President... Read More »

How much is sir Alan sugar worth worth?

How much is it to patent?

Patents are issued three types: utility, design, and plant. Patent application costs vary depending on the type of patent being applied for, as well as other considerations like the number of claim... Read More »

How much is it to apply for a patent?

The basic filing fee to apply for a Utility or Reissue patent is $330, as of 2009. The basic filing fee for a Design or Plant patent application is $220. There is a charge of $270 for all patents f... Read More »