How Much Is a Lip Ring?

Answer In 2009, online merchants sell lip rings at prices ranging from $3.10 for a 1.6mm steel labret stud to $54.23 for an 18 carat gold, 1.6mm ball-closure ring. The cost of the piercing is approximatel... Read More »

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How much is it to engrave a ring?

The cost of having a ring engraved varies depending on the engraver and the length of the engraving. On average, many engravers will charge around $25 for a personal engraving. Some online companie... Read More »

How much does a WWE ring cost?

Although prices vary by company, a professional WWE-size wrestling ring could be purchased for $6,500 as of 2010. The ring package includes four posts, side rails and supports, turnbuckles, ropes a... Read More »

How much can you stretch a 14k gold ring?

Jewelers recommend only stretching 14 karat gold rings from one half size to a full size up, as any more can distort the shape and break down its strength. Rings with diamond or gem settings should... Read More »

How Much Should a Man Spend on a Wedding Ring?

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