How Much Hard Drive Storage Should I Have on a Laptop Computer?

Answer You can use your computer to record sounds from your speakers by enabling the "Stereo Mix" recording device in Windows. This technique takes the output that you hear from your computer speakers and... Read More »

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What does hard drive RPM matter I understand storage capacity (GB) and storage/transfer rate (bps) But RPM?

The faster the RPM's the fasterthe heads cover the actual area of the HDD storage space. That is what seeking is.The heads must find the address of a file before is can be transfered or more data... Read More »

Will Cloud based storage beat External hard drive storage?

The disadvantage of cloud is that you need to upload your files and you need to have a good stable connection where as the ex HDD are easy, plug and play.But if you want you can go for cloud which ... Read More »

How to Remove the Hard Drive From a Laptop Computer?

Over the years, laptop computers have become increasingly user-friendly and easy to operate. This extends to the internal components of the computer as well. Many years ago, you would probably have... Read More »

Can You Use a Laptop Hard Drive in a Desktop Computer?

There are multiple ways to add a laptop hard drive to a desktop computer. Each method varies by cost, installation difficulty and whether you can easily move the hard drive between computers. Dep... Read More »