How Much Hair Is Needed for Comb Twists?

Answer If you are in the transition from having permed or relaxed hair to growing out your natural hair, you can cut off the treated parts and opt for a hairstyle such as comb twists. The same can be done... Read More »

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How to Make African Hair Twists in My Own Hair?

African hair twists in your own hair, without extensions, is a low-maintenance way to create a hairdo that will last at least a week. This style is easier to accomplish on hair that is free of stra... Read More »

Are hair twists healthy?

On One Hand: Twists Promote Hair Health and GrowthHair twists are a healthy hairstyle for African-American hair in its natural state. Many people wear the style, particularly when their hair has be... Read More »

How to Curl Hair with Twists?

This method of hair curling is extremely effective and relatively quick and simple once you acquire the knack. Incredibly natural-looking beautiful curls can be created using this technique and it ... Read More »

How to Fix Too Much Hair in My Kinky Twists?

Kinky Twists use your natural hair plus synthetic hair twists to add length and texture to your hair. If you're doing kinky twists yourself for the first time, you may notice that you have too much... Read More »