How Much Hair Does the Average Person Lose Daily?

Answer Everyone experiences a certain amount of hair loss each day----fallen hair usually shows the most in the shower drain or in between the teeth of a comb. Many people worry that they shed too much ha... Read More »

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Does a person always lose all of his hair as a result of chemotherapy?

On One Hand: Chemotherapy Often Causes Hair LossChemotherapy is a type of drug that stops rapidly dividing cells, like cancer cells, from multiplying. However, chemotherapy also affects healthy cel... Read More »

How many calories should i eat daily to lose weight?

First I want to say not to over do it at the gym. I would recommend 5-6 days a week and alternate strength training and aerobic training on different days. Add in walking and extra low level activi... Read More »

If you excersize daily do you lose weight?

How many miles do i have to run daily to lose weight?

Since your talking cardio only and nothing muscular you can workout everyday of the week if you have the time. most treads come with functions that show you if you wanna do weight loss. but if you ... Read More »