How Much Grass Seed & Fertilizer Per Acre?

Answer Fertilizers and grass seeds will list the amount needed per acre on the bag. However, if you lose the container, you will be pleased to know that there are general guidelines. Does ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Grass Seed Per Acre?

Grass seed calculations are often based on square footage or square meters for small residential lawns. But, for big operations such as the seeding rate for large properties, parks and golf courses... Read More »

How to Plant an Acre of Grass Seed on New Soil?

After new home construction is finished, the homeowner may desire to plant new grass seed instead of buying sod. Paying for the actual sod on top of the labor charges that go along with it can be e... Read More »

How to Plant an Acre of Kentucky 31 Grass Seed on New Soil?

Kentucky 31 fescue grass originated from Europe, and came to America in the early 19th century. Predominately, Kentucky 31 grasses grew as a pasture grass for grazing animals until studies conclude... Read More »

How much alfalfa seed do I plant per acre?

Plant 10 to 12 pounds of alfalfa seed per acre. Ten pounds is usually adequate for good coverage, but planting an extra two pounds ensures that most of the acreage will be covered by alfalfa seedli... Read More »