How Much Fuel Does the Average Car Use Up?

Answer The average American driver uses about 500 gallons of gas per year; the average fuel used per day is about 1.4 gallons. The median age of a passenger car in the United States in 2006 was about 9.2 ... Read More »

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How Much Fuel Is the Average Car Burning?

The average car in the U.S. burns about 1.4 gallons of fuel per day. This amounts to about 29.6 lbs. of carbon dioxide each day and 500 gallons of gas annually.Source:Good

How many fuel cells does it take to power the average car?

The Honda FCX Clarity, which is a hydrogen-powered, four-door sedan, requires several hundred fuel cells. The cells, each producing less than 1.16 volts of electricity, are assembled into stacks to... Read More »

What is the average fuel mileage of all vehicles in America?

The average fuel efficiency (in miles per gallon) for all passenger cars in the United States was 22.5 mpg in 2007. The fuel efficiency for all other 2-axle vehicles in 2007 was 18.0 mpg. The avera... Read More »

What is the average price of marine diesel fuel?

In 2009, marine diesel fuel (#2) cost $2.75 to $3.00 per gallon. The price varies from state to state and from port to port. This price was calculated based on a the total cost of purchasing in 600... Read More »