How Much Freon Does My Car Need?

Answer According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Freon isn't available in the United States anymore because of its adverse effects on the environment. This makes it expensive, and car owners with ... Read More »

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How much freon does a home air conditioner need?

Answer Depends on the size of the unit and when it was built. Modern A/C units contain no Freon (R12). It was banned in 1996. Call a home A/C professional.

How much freon do I need for my home AC?

It depends on the (cooling) capacity of your system. A 1.5Ton system will need only about 2 lbs of refrigerant. A 3.5Ton system will need about 6 lbs. I sell R22 for $50/lb. I figure that covers al... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Add Freon to a Car?

The total cost of adding freon to your car depends on the make and model of your vehicle, whether testing is needed to discover any refrigerant leaks, and the charge for labor. You may pay between ... Read More »

How much freon does a 3-ton A/C unit hold?

In order for the coils in an air conditioner to get cold, it uses freon. An A/C unit holds approximately 3 pounds of freon per ton, so a 3-ton unit would hold about 9 pounds of