How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Hardwood?

Answer The cost of refinishing a hardwood floor is, on average, about $1 per square foot. The total cost will obviously depend on the exact size of the floor that you're refinishing as well as the labor c... Read More »

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How do I refinish oak hardwood floors?

Remove Furniture, RusRemove furniture and rugs from the oak hardwood floors and clean the floors with a broom and vacuum.Sand Three TimesSand the old finish off the oak hardwood floors with a vibra... Read More »

How do you refinish hardwood floors?

Go to LOWES.COM. You can get step by step instructions on how to do almost anything concerning home improvement, remodeling etc.

Should i refinish hardwood floors?

On One Hand: Looking New AgainThe process of sanding down hardwood floors and adding a new finish makes your floors look new again. The process removes any scratches and scuffs caused from years of... Read More »

How to Refinish Prefinished Hardwood?

Prefinished hardwood floors are coated with a top gloss that's stronger and smoother than what you could do yourself. But it's not indestructible. If that finish is badly worn or damaged, you shoul... Read More »