How Much Does an A-List Actor Get Paid?

Answer Once upon a time, A-List actors like Clark Gable, Elizabeth Taylor, John Wayne and other legends struck per-picture salary deals with studio heads that, compared to today's salaries, look almost pa... Read More »

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List of the Highest Paid Jobs in the Music Business?

Although many people dream of becoming a multi-platinum selling musician, this goal is not usually the most realistic one. Luckily for those who want to work in the music industry, a handful of job... Read More »

Is Jenny Garth of Dancing with the Stars any relation to actor Ken Howard the actor currently starring on Cane on CBS?

Answer Allegedly Ken Howard is 'checking out' the ballroom; he may be a contestant on the next season. As to why he's always shown in conjunction with Jennie Garth, perhaps she doesn't have the big... Read More »

Who is the actor actor played Bruce Manly on Eureka?

It's Bruce Manlyus and he is played by Bill Campbell.

I filed a claim with my insurance company. they paid me half of the settlement I get the other half after i purchase the items on the list they sent me. Why is that.?

Because you have "Replacement Cost Protection" The coverage is designed to replace your loss not compensate you for it. Be glad you have it. Otherwise they would only give you that 1st check and th... Read More »