How Much Does a Second-Grade Teacher Make?

Answer Second-grade teachers are classified as elementary teachers. Their salaries are generally the same as teachers of the first through fifth or sixth grades, depending on when elementary school ends i... Read More »

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"SAM the Sea Cow" Teacher Activities for Second Grade?

The popular children's book "Sam the Sea Cow" draws young readers into the story of how one sea cow, or manatee as they are more commonly known, is rescued after his natural curiosity leads to him ... Read More »

Teacher Activities for Second Grade Constellations?

Ursa Major, Gemini and their companions in the sky are something that every one in the world shares. When you look up at night and see a favorite constellation, you know that somewhere on the other... Read More »

What does being a pre-school teacher, kindergarten, grade prep teacher.... involve...?

Work very hard for not very much $$. Unless you really love kids and are very patient and have tons of energy, and like dealing with ignorant belligerent parents and lots of confusing campus, dist... Read More »

How much money does a teacher make?

The salary of a teacher depends on the grade level and the area of the country the school is in. Kindergarten teachers' annual salaries ranged from $28,590 to $71,410, in 2006. For elementary schoo... Read More »