How Much Does a Judgment Drop Affect a Credit Score?

Answer A judgment is a public record of debt that carries more weight than most creditors. Factors that contribute to your credit score include payment history (35 percent) and debt you owe (30 percent). ... Read More »

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How much does a judgement drop a credit score?

A judgment will lower your credit score anywhere from 50 to 200 points. The total drop in credit score will depend on the type of judgment and amount of the original debt.Source:Judgment and Credit... Read More »

How much does your credit score drop with a foreclosure?

The damage your credit takes after a foreclosure depends upon how high your credit rating was prior to losing your home. The higher your credit rating was prior to the foreclosure, the more credit ... Read More »

How much does one late payment affect a credit score?

Credit-scoring agencies are more lenient when it comes to late payments than many may assume. However, if a payment is 90 days late or more, it has a long-term negative effect. The specific damage ... Read More »

Can too much available credit affect my credit score?

According to, a consumer cannot have too much available credit. It is a common misconception that a great deal of available credit adversely affects your FICO score. Available credit a... Read More »