How Much Does Quitting Smoking Decrease the Metabolism?

Answer Quitting smoking decreases the body's metabolism, which often leads to weight gain. The effect is mild and depends on the number of cigarettes the person smoked per day.Effect of NicotineNicotine f... Read More »

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True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol?

We are bodily and mentally different from our fellows. (BB pp 30 - (sic)) Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and I use them to relax. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and I used it ... Read More »

How to Decrease Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is the rate at which you "burn off" energy from the food you eat. Everybody's metabolism is slightly different, so everybody has slightly different needs when it comes to calories. ... Read More »

Quitting smoking - the best way?

Quitting Smoking...?

i quit smoking and lost 100 lbs... so, this story of quitting smoking and gaining weight is a fairy tale. it is only that some people replace the smoking addiction with another oral satisfaction, f... Read More »