How Much Does It Cost to Refinance a Home Loan?

Answer The average cost of refinancing a home loan is 3 to 6 percent of the amount borrowed. For example, if your loan amount was for $100,000, the cost to refinance the home loan would be between $3,000 ... Read More »

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When should you refinance a home loan?

A home loan or mortgage is often used to pay for the majority of the purchase price of a new home. Mortgages are typically paid back over long periods of time, such as 15 or 30 years, which allows ... Read More »

If You Refinance an FHA Home, Will It Still Be an FHA Loan?

When you take out a loan with the assistance of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the agency provides insurance on your debt. It agrees, through the writing of a guarantee against the mortg... Read More »

How to Refinance a Mobile-Home Loan?

Refinancing a loan on your mobile home, or manufactured home, requires you to determine whether it is currently financed as real or personal property. A mobile home with a title held as collateral ... Read More »

Can you refinance a home purchased with a VA loan?

Homeowners with a VA loan may refinance their homes with either a cash-out refinance or a streamline refinance loan. However, each type of loan has its own set of rules that Read More »