How Much Does It Cost to Print a Book?

Answer The cost to publish a book is dependent upon the publishing method you choose, but on average it can be done anywhere from $50 for uploading charges to various "Self Publishing" web services to $2... Read More »

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What will the cost of ink per page, if I print only in greyscale and if I print normal colour printouts?

The page yield is based on standard documents, and you may get more or less pages. I found in standard black printing that blue is added, but greyscale may be black-only. Printing faces and people ... Read More »

Why does B&W print cost more than color print?

Because black is the base color for every colors.When colored print is used, only part of the black is used, but when using black and white,of course, it is using completely black ink.

How to Buy a Book That Is Out of Print?

Rare and out of print books can provide us with information unavailable in more contemporary publications. But trying to locate these books can be frustrating if you do not know where to look. Unde... Read More »

How to Print out a Book in OpenOffice?

Have you ever wondered how people get programs so neat? What about how booklets are made? This article won't have you binding, but it WILL give you a rundown of how to make a document that you can ... Read More »