How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Germany?

Answer The cost of health insurance in Germany is 15.5 percent of your total monthly salary. For example, if you earn 3,000 Euros a month, you would pay 450 Euros for health insurance. The monthly limit i... Read More »

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Who pays for health insurance in Germany& Japan?

Both Germany and Japan have single-payer health insurance programs. In both countries, employers and employees pay into a health care fund. Health insurance can be provided through an employer or p... Read More »

Facts on the Cost of Health Insurance & Health Care?

The factual data on the costs of health insurance and health care present a disturbing trend -- that the cost of health care, even with insurance, is growing for all Americans. Facts gathered by th... Read More »

How much money will it cost to get from France to Germany and then possibly from Germany to Poland by rail?

Paris Munich is tricky. There are no direct trains. But luckily you can still travel on high speed networks. Railteam is an multinational organisation of major train comp... Read More »

You are planning for pregnancy in one months you currently don't have health insurance you want to buy one with 6 months pre-existing condition Will the cost and delivery be paid by insurance comp.?

Answer Try this link for research material Hysterectomy Hysterectomy