How Much Do I Tip for a Pedicure?

Answer Having a pedicure can be a wonderful experience. The sensation of soaking your feet in warm, scented water, then having them massaged and beautified by a professional is a treat that you should ind... Read More »

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How much does it cost for a manicure&pedicure?

Nail care costs vary based on locations of service. At a small nail shop in 2010, a manicure ranges from $10 to $15 and pedicures run $15 to $25. At a spa, a manicure will run between $20 and $25 ... Read More »

How to Do a Pedicure?

If you're tired of your toe nails always look blank and ugly and you want to feel pretty, follow these steps!

How to Do a Pedicure for Men?

Learning how to do a pedicure for men is much easier than doing a pedicure for women. Most men want their feet clean and tidy, but don't care about shaping or coloring the nails. The main focus in ... Read More »

How to Do a Pedicure for a Boy?

Boys typically don't enjoy getting their toenails clipped and filed. However, if you make it a pleasant, soothing experience, your boy might learn to appreciate a good pedicure. You don't have to g... Read More »