How Much Do Cosmetologists Make Per Hour?

Answer Cosmetologists are in the personal appearance business. They use a variety of skills to help clients look their best. Cosmetologists may cut, color and style hair, give facials and other skin clean... Read More »

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Facts About Cosmetologists?

Cosmetology is the study and profession of coloring, cutting and styling hair for both men and women. A cosmetologist is typically a licensed professional through the state in which she resides. If... Read More »

What do cosmetologists do at work?

Depending upon their skill set, cosmetologists may do more than cut and style hair. Increasingly, notes the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cosmetologists offer a full slate of beauty and persona... Read More »

How much do cosmetologists get paid yearly?

How much cosmetologists get paid depends on their location and number of years experience. A cosmetologist with one to four years' experience will make $13,161 to $30,152. With more than 20 years' ... Read More »

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