How Much Debt Does the Average American Have?

Answer In 2009, the average American owed an average of $8,400 in credit card debt alone, according the U.S. Census Bureau. Debt in America has reached $2.43 trillion, or approximately $21,900 per househo... Read More »

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What is the average debt of the American family?

As of 2009, the average debt of all families in the United States was $16,046, according to For families that have credit cards, the average combined debt of the cards and any othe... Read More »

How much does the average American owe in credit card debt?

The average credit card balance for American households was $7,300 in 2007, a 30.4 percent increase from 2004, according to a Federal Reserve report. The median balance for households with a credit... Read More »

What Is the Average American's Credit Card Debt?

The average household owes $8,000 in credit card debt alone. This is partly due to the fact that nearly 43 percent of families spend more than they make every year.Source:Comparing Debt

Average Consumer Debt?

The average consumer debt is about $21,900 per household in the U.S., according to the Federal Reserve. This is equivalent to 132% of the annual disposable income of the average household.Source: h... Read More »