How Much Compost to Put in Clay for New Sod?

Answer Preparing a site for new sod is critical if you want years of healthy grass. If the soil is mostly clay, the sod is not going to have a good root system. Clay does not offer good drainage and nutri... Read More »

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How do I compost clay soil?

Collecting MaterialsCollect equal amounts of high-carbon organic waste and high-nitrogen organic waste. Look for carbon-rich waste in the form of dry, brown materials, such as dead leaves, straw, s... Read More »

How much nitrogen is in compost manure?

Animal manure has high levels of nitrogen that can be harmful to plants unless it is composted first. Once composted, nitrogen levels decrease, but nitrogen is still available to help plants grow.... Read More »

How much water do you put in an earthworm compost?

Moisture needs to be at 60-85%. Compostable material shouldn't be soggy or sopping wet. A 21"x15"x16" container could hold a week's worth of newspapers and 3-5 lbs of kitchen scraps. It wouldn't ne... Read More »

How much water do you put in the compost pile?

You need to put in just enough water so that the compost pile has the consistency of a wrung out sponge. The moisture level needs to favor the growth and working of beneficial, decomposer microorga... Read More »