How Much Beer Is in a Mini Keg?

Answer A min keg is a 5 liter, approximately 170 ounces, keg that is for retail sale in stores. Mini kegs do not have to be sent back to the manufacturer to be cleaned out and refilled; they are usually m... Read More »

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How to Use a Beer Tap on a Bud Light Mini Keg?

A Bug Light mini keg is small enough to fit in the refrigerator, but still releases foamy, cool and fizzy beer into your cup. Budweiser is an American beer, which stems from a recipe that Adolphus ... Read More »

I have 30 mini DV tapes of raw footage - should its backup be on mini DV or hard disk?

Holy crap! 30 tapes? You need approx. 540 GB of storage, then some more for editing.You'd need a lot of hard drive space. How do you plan on editing without the entire collection of tapes on a har... Read More »

Which mobile phone is better Sony Ericsson XPERIA mini or mini pro?

experia mini pro is far better, has a brilliant slide out keyboard. very nice phone.

What is the closest beer from… to a light beer like miller lite?

Not really but if Rolling Rock is on the list go for it.