How Many files can be stored in a 250 GB hard drive?

Answer 1 250GB file, millions of small files

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How to Delete Stored Files Off of a Hard Drive?

Removing stored files off your had drive when they are not needed any longer is a recommended task. Deleted unneeded files on a regular basis frees valuable hard drive space. It also makes it easie... Read More »

How to Remove Unwanted Files Stored on a Hard Drive in Windows XP?

As you continue to use your Windows XP computer, you find that your hard drive becomes clogged with a number of files that consume memory and hard-drive space. These files begin to slow down your c... Read More »

How do I remove unwanted files stored on a hard drive in Windows XP?

Right-click "Start", and then click "Explorer" to launch the Windows XP file manager. Navigate to the folder containing the file(s) you want to delete. Press the "+" icon to expand a folder if nece... Read More »

How many two-hour movies can be stored on a 500 GB hard drive?

It depends on how much compression is used. According to Apple, a two-hour movie purchased from iTunes is about 1.5 GB, so you could fit about 333 on a 500 GB hard drive. However, movies can easily... Read More »