How Many Years Should a New Head Gasket Last?

Answer The Toyota Tundra made its first appearance in 2000. When replacing the master cylinder in a Tundra, it's best to bench bleed it before installing it. This ensures you won't have spongy brakes beca... Read More »

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How many years should a kitchen range last?

The average range can last long as six years and some may last longer. Often, the only issue with range is that they are dirty. This can result in inefficient contact with the oven and can prevent ... Read More »

How many years do tires last?

Tires may seem to last forever, but as they get older the rubber compound starts to degrade and the tire loses its structural soundness. Tire manufacturers warranty their tires against defects for ... Read More »

How Many Years Does a Refrigerator Last?

The refrigerator is one of the most-used, and arguably most important, appliances in our homes. Most people probably don't think about the refrigerator until it breaks down or stops working well, m... Read More »

How many years did sesame street last?

Kevin Manthei is the one who composed it, if that's what you mean.