How Many Watts Does the Average TV Use?

Answer The average 25-inch or 27-inch TV uses about 90 watts, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). This is roughly the same amount of electricity that the standard incandescent l... Read More »

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How many watts does an average dishwasher use?

An average dishwasher uses about 1,200 watts.

How Many Watts Does an Average Household Use?

The amount of energy a device uses when performing a function is measured in watts. The average number of watts used in a household varies with the size of the house and the number of electrical ap... Read More »

How many watts does an average commercial wind turbine produce?

The wattage production of commercial wind turbines ranges from 250 watts to 5 megawatts. However, specific wattage production depends on the blade diameter and actual wind speed. To maximize powe... Read More »

How many watts does an average (50 inch) plasma t.v. take, compared to a 27in. regular t.v.?

If you mean a cathode ray tube TV (CRT). A CRT TV uses a lot of energy. The initial power up takes a big jolt and from there it sustains itself while wasting more energy. Think of it as a Incand... Read More »