How Many Types of Animals Live in the Rainforest?

Answer Tropical rainforests are a unique resource in the world. The amount of animal and plant diversity that exists in this ecosystem is staggering. The area is home to plants from which medicines are cr... Read More »

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What Types of Animals Live in the Congo Rainforest?

The central region of Africa is home to the Congolese rainforest. This rainforest is the second-largest in the world, according to Greenpeace, with the Amazon rainforest taking the top spot. Much o... Read More »

Rainforest Animals That Live in the Rainforest Layers?

Four distinct layers comprise the various tropical rainforests around the world, with different creatures lining in each layers. The animals that occur in each layer possess certain sets of traits ... Read More »

How many animals live in the tropical rainforest?

There is over a billion different animals in the tropical rainforests. We have yet to discover all of them. Half of the world's species live there, and over 50 million insect species live in the tr... Read More »

How many animals live in the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon rainforest is believed to contain half of the world's species of animals. It is estimated that roughly 500 different mammals, 475 reptiles and one third of the bird species around the wo... Read More »