How Many Roofing Squares Do I Need for My Roof?

Answer The first step of any roofing job is to calculate the amount of materials needed. Shingles and other roofing materials are often measured in "squares." A square is defined as enough roofing materia... Read More »

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How many squares of shingles do you need to cover 1900 ft roof?

One square covers 100 square feet, so to cover 1900 square feet of roof you would need 19 squares. However, you also need "starter shingles" and "hip and ridge" shingles, plus you need to have a fe... Read More »

How to Install Roofing on a Flat Roof?

Installing roofing on a flat roof is a job a homeowner can accomplish on their own. With the proper tools and an understanding of the process it is possible to install the entire roof in one day. T... Read More »

What is the minimum roof pitch for metal roofing?

The minimum pitch for a metal roof is 3 in 12. This means that the roof must rise at least 3 feet for every horizontal foot. This minimum pitch will ensure that the roof will not have standing wa... Read More »

Should you install new roofing paper when replacing a roof?

Yes. Old felt roofing paper should be removed from the whole of the roof area to be replaced, using a claw hammer and a utility knife. New roofing paper should be installed using roofing nails.Refe... Read More »