How Many Protons are in An Atom of Hydrogen?

Answer On the periodic table, the symbol for hydrogen is H. There is one proton in an atom of hydrogen. There is also one electron in an atom of hydrogen. There are no neutrons in the hydrogen atom.Source... Read More »

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What is an atom if it only has two protons?

An atom that only has two protons is helium. Helium also has two neutrons and two electrons. Helium is the only atom with two protons, thus its position as the second element of the periodic table.... Read More »

How many protons in a flourine atom?

The atomic number of fluorine is nine. The number of protons an element has determines its position on the periodic table, which means fluorine has nine protons. The most stable isotope of fluorine... Read More »

Does an atom of copper have protons?

All elements contain protons, even copper, which has 29 of them, according to Environmental Chemistry. Protons, which carry a positive charge, are a part of every atom's nucleus along with neutrons... Read More »

How many protons are in a nucleus of an atom?

It depends on the atom. Each element on the Periodic Table has an atomic number, and this number is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus of its atom. For example, carbon's atomic number is... Read More »