How Many Pictures can you take on a 10 pixel camera with a 1 GB memory card?

Answer 1GB isn't really a very large capacity these days, especially with newer cameras having more MP (which means larger file sizes) and also video recording (which are VERY large file sizes).How many i... Read More »

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How many pictures 2 gb memory card in 3.2 pixel camera?

you have to buy a firewire cable. its about $20 at best buy. plug it into your camera the plug the cord on the other end into the computer.

How many pictures 2 GB memory card in a 10.1 mega pixel camera?

This site has a chart that tells you how many pictures an SD card can hold as per mega pixel. Please see related link below!

How many pictures memory card in a 10.2 mega pixel camera?

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How many pictures can a 2GB memory card for a 5.7-17.1 mega pixel camera?

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