How Many Pictures can you take on a 10 pixel camera with a 1 GB memory card?

Answer 1GB isn't really a very large capacity these days, especially with newer cameras having more MP (which means larger file sizes) and also video recording (which are VERY large file sizes).How many i... Read More »

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How many pictures will a 10 mega pixel camera with a 2GB memory card take.Pete?

I have a 7.2 megapixel camera with a 1 GB memory card. At the highest quality, I'm at least able to store 100 pics. I haven't tried to store more than that at any given time, so it could be more ... Read More »

How many pictures on 1g memory card with a 7.1 mega pixel camera?

Depends on the size pictures you take.If you take pictures using RAW, you'll get the least # of photos, probably under 200. If you shoot in SHQ, you'll get about 400. If you shoot in HQ, you'll g... Read More »

How many pictures can be stored on a 1 GB SD memory card with a 6 mega pixel camera?

How many pictures can a 12 mega pixel camera with 4 GB memory card can hold?

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