How Many Paper Napkins Can be Made from One Tree?

Answer The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that if every home in the United States replaced one 250-count package of paper napkins with recycled napkins, we could save one million trees. The U... Read More »

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How Many Paper Bags are Made from One Tree?

According to the California Energy Commissions facts on saving energy, a single 15-year-old tree provides the materials needed to manufacture only 700 paper bags, which a large grocery store has th... Read More »

What are paper napkins made of?

Paper napkins are made of wood pulp. If the pulp is new, it is called "virgin" wood pulp; some napkins are made of 100 percent virgin wood pulp, and others are made of a mix of virgin and recycled ... Read More »

How many toothpicks are made from the average tree?

One cord of wood, which measures at 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet, can produce six to nine million toothpicks. The number of toothpicks in a full tree depends heavily on the size of the tree.Reference... Read More »

Where can I buy paper plates, napkins and/or paper cups that have The Beatles on them?

have you sent out invitations yet what about something like this…im still looking for othersits expensive but heres a few places that let you design your o... Read More »