How Many Miles Does the Average American Drive Per Month?

Answer The average American drives about 1,000 miles per month. This comes out to just over 230 miles driven each week, and an annual average of 12,000 miles. Source: Read More »

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How much does the average american spend on home phones per month?

As of December 2008, the average consumer spends $40 a month for a home phone. By comparison, the average home phone expenses in 2006 were about $45.17 per month. Cell phone spending exceeds that o... Read More »

How many miles per gallon does a 2005 Mazda tribute average?

The standard 2005 Mazda Tribute receives 17 to 21 miles per gallon for city driving and 23 to 27 miles per gallon for highway driving, depending on the engine and transmission type. The four-wheel ... Read More »

How many miles can a man run in a month?

as many as he wants. as long as your fit you can run for a long time.

How many megabyte does the average smart-phone customer watch per month?

short answer: No Long answer: Because of the overwhelming growth of the Android platform in number of devices, apps and supported products, the iPhone and apple have been slow to react. in this s... Read More »