How Many Leaves Should I Leave on Tomato Plants?

Answer Gardeners often either start tomato seeds indoors or purchase starter plants from a nursery or greenhouse. This gives the tomato plant about a two-month head start compared to seeds that would be d... Read More »

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How do I cut the leaves of tomato plants?

Open a pair of scissors. Spray both sides with disinfectant spray. Place the open scissors next to the joint where the leaf meets the leaf stem. Close the scissors quickly to cut the leaves. Cut an... Read More »

Why are the leaves on my tomato plants curling up?

Tomatoes are subject to damage and destruction from disease and insects, including the common leaf roller. Damage from a leaf roller is not to be confused with a destructive plant virus that often ... Read More »

Brown Leaves on Tomato Plants?

Brown leaves on tomato plants could indicate fusarium wilt and rot, according to Colorado State University Extension. The leaves may also turn black and fall off. You should suspect fusarium rot if... Read More »

What causes the leaves of tomato plants to turn yellow?

Tomato Yellow Leaf Click on the links below for tomato-related problems.