How Many Inches Will the Average Bamboo Plant Grow in One Day?

Answer The average bamboo plant grows about 12 to 19 inches per day, making it the fastest-growing plant on Earth. Under optimal conditions, the bamboo plant can grow up to 46 inches a day.Source: http:/... Read More »

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How many inches will a average bamboo plant grow in one day?

The average bamboo plant's growth rates vary according to the bamboo's species and growing environment. Most bamboo plants grow 1 inch or less per day, though the Phyllostachys bambusoides species ... Read More »

How Many Inches Can Bamboo Grow in One Year?

While some species of bamboo plants can grow an incredible number of inches in a single day, others stay smaller throughout their life span, which can be anywhere from 30 to 120 years, according to... Read More »

How many tomatoes grow on the average plant?

The number of tomatoes to expect per plant is difficult to determine due to many variables. Gardening experts say full-sized tomato plants, called determinate tomato plants (ones that grow 6 feet o... Read More »

How do I grow a bamboo plant?

SpeciesConsider climate, location and soil quality when choosing a bamboo species. There are several hundred varieties of bamboo. Some varieties are clumping, meaning new bamboo canes grow in group... Read More »