How Many Inches Will the Average Bamboo Plant Grow in One Day?

Answer The average bamboo plant grows about 12 to 19 inches per day, making it the fastest-growing plant on Earth. Under optimal conditions, the bamboo plant can grow up to 46 inches a day.Source: http:/... Read More »

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How many inches will a average bamboo plant grow in one day?

The average bamboo plant's growth rates vary according to the bamboo's species and growing environment. Most bamboo plants grow 1 inch or less per day, though the Phyllostachys bambusoides species ... Read More »

How Many Inches Can Bamboo Grow in One Year?

While some species of bamboo plants can grow an incredible number of inches in a single day, others stay smaller throughout their life span, which can be anywhere from 30 to 120 years, according to... Read More »

How do I grow a bamboo plant?

SpeciesConsider climate, location and soil quality when choosing a bamboo species. There are several hundred varieties of bamboo. Some varieties are clumping, meaning new bamboo canes grow in group... Read More »

How to Grow Bamboo From Plant Cuttings?

New gardeners, or those who think they kill everything they try to grow, should plant bamboo. It survived the nuclear blast at Hiroshima, so a brown thumb won't keep it from thriving in the yard. B... Read More »