How Many Grams of Sugar should I consume daily?

Answer No sugar is required. What often gets cited is that the brain needs 130 grams of glucose* to function. Carbohydrates, except fiber, turn to glucose in your blood. Even protein can convert to glucos... Read More »

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How many grams of sugar should a 3-year-old child consume in one day?

AnswerWatch the labels in the food you buy--avoid anything high fructose syrup and high carb food items in the snack aisle. A piece of fruit, a vegetable, etc. is much better. Answer I'm not sure,... Read More »

How Many Grams of Sugar Should I Eat Daily?

Creating crafts using the hands and feet, children can get a sense of self not only because they are using their bodies, tracing or painting the hands and feet, but because they are using it to cre... Read More »

If i get a shaky, jittery, weak, nauseous feeling practically daily whenever i consume sugar, what's wrong?

Yes, hypoglycemic.Cut out the sugar and carbs. Eat a low glycemic index diet. care Buff

How many fat grams should children consume?

According to the Children's Nutrition Research Center and Baylor College of Medicine, children should get between 33 and 54 grams of fat per day at ages 2 to 3; 39 to 62 grams per day from ages 4 t... Read More »