How Many Gigawatts of Power Does One House Use?

Answer Electricity is often measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), however it can easily be converted to gigawatts, either through simple math or via Internet conversion tools. Tracking your own energy use by ... Read More »

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Tell me about "solar power generator for house holds" for 3 hours a day as there is power cut daily?

Unfortunately, solar power is pretty expensive initially. Fortunately, there's little continuing or up keep costs after installation. You need to determine how big a system you need. How much po... Read More »

How many gigawatts of energy do windmills produce?

The cumulative energy output of the world's windmills is an estimated 59.1 gigawatts, according to the Global Wind Energy Council in 2005. Each size and design has different outputs in different lo... Read More »

Does the home owners insurance cover the damages if you rented a power tool and damage either the rented tool or your house or a third party in your house?

How to turn off tv power throughout whole house?

First - your home AC wiring is per-room, not separate outlets for the TV. This means you do not have 1 switch to control just the televisions.Second - you do not pay for the 'power' coming from th... Read More »