How Many Flight Hours Do You Need to Become a Pilot for a Major Airliner?

Answer Major airlines ferry passengers and goods from large airports to destinations across the country and the planet. These air carriers, which operate mid-sized to large airplanes, employ a wide range ... Read More »

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How many flight hours do you need to become a pilot?

You can qualify for a sport pilot license with a minimum of 20 flight hours, a recreational pilot license with at least 30 hours or a private pilot license with 40 hours. The Federal Aviation Admin... Read More »

The Fastest Way for a Student Pilot to Build Flight Hours?

As a student pilot, it will inevitably take many long hours of flight time to achieve your desired career. Working as a professional pilot requires hundreds of hours logged. You will need not only ... Read More »

Did the USA Government or army pay compensation for Iran Air Flight 655. It was a passenger airliner shot down by the US military?

no special college required for military service but completion of a normal one highly recommended

How to Become a Life Flight Pilot?

Since its beginnings in 1978, the Life Flight program has served the people of the Northwest. Since most residents there live in vast, open, coastal areas, when a medical emergency arises, it may n... Read More »