How Many Days Will it Take for Mango Seeds to Grow?

Answer Juicy mangos are red or yellow, depending on the species. Mango trees are originally from tropical countries and are not frost tolerant. Asian and Mexican mango varieties are hardier than Indian, b... Read More »

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How do you grow coriander bought from wet market with its roots intact tried 2 days later plants wilts and dies tried seeds takes 7 days to shoot then dies.?

How to grow a mango plant out of a mango stone?

Mangoes are easy to grow. Simply bury the seed about two inches deep in a one gallon sized pot of good soil, keep it warm and moist and when the seedling is six or eight inches tall you can transp... Read More »

How do I plant mango seeds?

Gather the SeedRemove the pit from a mango and wash away any attached pulp from the pit. Dry the pit for several days. Use a sharp knife to cut open the pit and remove the mango seed. Soak the mang... Read More »

How deep do you plant mango seeds?

You should plant a mango seed 1 to 4 inches deep, with the concave side down. The seed should germinate within one to three weeks. The soil you plant it in must be well-drained, but can otherwise b... Read More »