How Many Credits Are Needed for a Pell Grant Disbursement?

Answer Pell grants are federal need-based awards for low-income college students. The maximum grant award under the Pell grant program is $5,500 per year. To qualify for Pell grants, students must at leas... Read More »

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Can I change the disbursement date of my stafford loan and pell grant?

What is the minimum credit hours needed to get a Pell Grant?

There is no official minimum number of credit hours to receive a Pell Grant, but the number of hours being taken will affect the size of the grant. A full-time student (12 credit hours or more) wil... Read More »

How Many Credit Hours Is Full-Time on a Pell Grant?

The costs associated with attending a college or university can present a financial barrier to low-income students, which may make it easier for students whose parents have greater financial means ... Read More »

How many credits are needed for an RN?

A registered nurse must hold at least an associates degree in order to practice. An associates degree requires between 60 and 75 credit hours depending upon the courses you choose. Because each sch... Read More »