How Many Cars am I Allowed to Sell in a Year?

Answer Every state in the U.S. limits the number of cars an individual may sell each year without a dealer's license--about five on average. Check with your state before selling. Licensed dealers aren't ... Read More »

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Should women be allowed to drive cars?

Noooo. Women are good at 3 things 1. ******2. cookin3. Doing laundryadd a car into that and it gets loopy

Are motorcyclists allowed to overtake cars?

Yes it is allowed, I've been riding on the road for 24 years and for 5 off road before that.Yes they can overtake particularly in heavy traffic.Most motorcyclists will wait to pass safely as we gen... Read More »

Why aren't children allowed to drive cars?

They can't physically maneuver a vehicle. Also - they aren't emotionally ready: What would your 10 year old do if he hit a deer in the road?Logical reasoning isn't fully developed yet (same goes fo... Read More »

Should parents be allowed to smoke in cars with children as passengers or should that be illegal?

It's illegal in Ontario, Canada. $500 fine if you get caught.