How Many Cars am I Allowed to Sell in a Year?

Answer Every state in the U.S. limits the number of cars an individual may sell each year without a dealer's license--about five on average. Check with your state before selling. Licensed dealers aren't ... Read More »

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How many cars can one sell without being a dealer?

Every state has a limit on the number of cars you can sell without a dealer's license. In the state of Pennsylvania, for example, the number is 10 per year; in New York, the number is five per yea... Read More »

How many cars can a private party sell in Florida before getting a dealer's license?

In the state of Florida, motor vehicle dealers are regulated by the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). According to the Florida DMV, a dealer's license must be issued by the state if a person ... Read More »

How many cars are made in the U.S. each year?

According to a November 2008 U.S. Census report, there are approximately 5.2 million cars made in the U.S. each year. The amount of cars sent overseas is about half a million.SourceHow many new car... Read More »

How many cars are repossessed each year?

The number of cars repossessed each year varies depending on the economy and whether people are able to keep up with their payments. According to Karen Aho in an MSN Money article, there were 1.5 m... Read More »